Archive: July 2017

Can My Investments Make A Difference?

By guest blogger Dwight Short, with and introduction by Cassandra Laymon, CFP®, MBA It’s sometimes hard for me to convince Christians that they can make an impact for change by…
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Crucial Retirement Planning Milestones: What Happens at 59½ and 70½?

by: Cassandra Laymon, CFP®, MBAFinancial planning is a little more straightforward in the accumulation phase,which means the years that you are working and saving for retirement. Once you’ve determined your…
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Saturday Spotlight: Shining Light Company – The Toro Company

Toro (NYSE: TTC) is a Fortune 500 American manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, snow removal equipment, and water-saving irrigation systems. Headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota and in business sinceJuly 1914, they…
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021 – How do financial advisors get paid?

If you've ever wondered how your financial advisor gets paid, you're not alone!  There are several ways advisors get paid, depending on the type of service they are providing for…
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