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I Found Jesus in the Stock Market

How Biblically Responsible Investing Can Change Your Heart, Too

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All book proceeds will be donated to crisis pregnancy centers in the Beacon Wealth service areas. 

Book Summary:

Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will be also” (Mathew 6:21, NLT). This is not a book about how God wants you to be rich, nor is it a book about the “money secrets” of the Bible. This is the true story of how one woman’s journey to learn about Biblically Responsible Investing transformed her life and opened her heart to Jesus. As an author and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Cassandra Laymon researched the principles of biblically-based investing, and learned that she was unknowingly profiting from business practices that directly opposed her Christian faith. Do you know what companies you are invested in and what business practices you are profiting from? In this book Cassandra shares why it is important to know what you own, how to find out the truth, how you can align your faith and your investments and make your money matter.

About The Author

Cassandra Laymon is the President of Beacon Wealth Consultants, a financial planning firm that specializes in Biblically Responsible Investing. She holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and an MBA, both from Rutgers University. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Qualified Kingdom Advisor. She is a dynamic public speaker and has presented at national conferences for the C12 Group and Kingdom Advisors. She currently leads the Biblically Responsible Investing special interest group for financial professionals who are members of Kingdom Advisors. Cassie and her husband, Rick (CEO of Beacon Wealth Consultants) married and merged their financial advisory businesses together in 2012. They enjoy collaborating on the business, traveling, theater, cycling, sharing books and going on adventures with their three children, Sam, Bethany, and Carson.

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Cassandra sharing her testimony at “Hope in the Marketplace,” Southeastern Philadelphia.

“How Are You Managing God’s Money” at the C12 Group National Conference in Nashville, TN.

As seen and heard on…

As heard on “It’s a New Day,” WFYL 1180am, Kim Kennedy interviews Cassandra Laymon about her book, “I Found Jesus in the Stock Market."

Rick and Cassie Laymon discuss the story behind Cassie’s new book, “I Found Jesus in the Stock Market.” You’ll learn what prompted Cassie to write the book, how she came up with the catchy title, and the transformation that Biblically Responsible Investing made, not only in her business, but in her heart!

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I Found Jesus In The Stock Market Press Kit

Book Reviews

I have had the privilege of working in the financial services world for over forty-five years. Many things come and go, some good some bad. Fifteen to twenty years ago I began to see the development of BRI, and have watched it mature over the last number of years. All new ideas take time to mature as many questions need to be answered as the new idea is taking root. Cassie went through her own evaluation and skepticism and asked most, if not all, of the relevant questions. This book is written by a well- trained and experienced professional as well as a very spiritually- mature woman who has an incredible ability to communicate.  This book will answer almost any question that you would have about BRI investing. I highly, highly recommend this book to any serious thinker about using God’s resources for God’s purposes. It is my privilege to endorse this book.

Ron Blue, Founding Director
Kingdom Advisors,
Best-selling author of Master Your Money

Cassandra has written a wonderful blend of very practical advice regarding best use of our stewardship of God’s resources and His power of redemption and renewal. Her life is an inspiration and also a caution for those still caught in the world’s trap of measuring our worth by our accomplishments and performance.

Buck Jacobs, Founder
C12 Group
Author of A Strategic Plan for Ministry

I Found Jesus in the Stock Market is one of the most informative and important books on investing that I have ever read. It is a must read for all those who are serious about serving God with all of their resources. Cassandra Laymon is a master at educating on the concepts of Biblically Responsible Investing and presents the material in a manner that is concise and easy to understand. Her passion is contagious and the Biblical foundation that she has woven into the education is extremely powerful. Her personal testimony is so genuine and a true example of how God will bless those who follow His guidance. Both Cassandra and this book are true inspirations and gifts to the market leaders today. After reading this book, I am now one hundred percent committed to making sure that every investment I am involved in meets the criteria of Biblically Responsible Investing.

Mary Messuti
President and CEO,
Christian Business Women’s Connection (CBWC)

Jesus taught that our heart follows our treasure (Matthew 6: 21). Whatever we treasure leads so much in our lives. Our politics, family decisions, and even faith are determined by what we treasure and how we deal with it. Modern Americans hold their treasure in their bank account, 401k, and IRA. So, it should not be surprising to find Jesus in the stock market as our holdings SHOULD reflect our values. Cassie Laymon does a terrific job of both sharing her journey as well as a roadmap for all people to find and demonstrate Biblical truth while investing.

Kevin D. Freeman, CFA
Best-selling author of Secret Weapon:  How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It Can Happen Again
Founder of  The National Security Investment Consultant Institute