Archive: January 2019

Investing Ingredients: Check Label Before Consuming

By Sean Weaver, Financial Advisor, WWK Wealth Advisors Picture this scene. It’s just before dinnertime and a husband and wife are standing in the kitchen going through the day’s mail…
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Shining Light Spotlight – Pilgrim’s Pride

This month we spotlight a new Shining Light Company — Pilgrim’s Pride (Symbol: PPC). Headquartered in Greeley, Colorado, Pilgrim’s Pride is one of the largest chicken producers in the United…
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Why We Don’t Get Around to Doing Important Things

By Chad Hamilton, CFP The beginning of a new year is a time when many of us want to turn over a new leaf by setting resolutions about positive changes…
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4th Quarter Market Commentary

Tune in to hear insights from Chief Investment Officer Hillary Sunderland, CFA to hear her thoughts on the erratic market movements over the last few months!  If you have questions…
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