Mushrooms, parachutes, and faith-based investing

If this is March, then many of us are studying bracketology. Cheering on our alma maters or looking for this year’s Cinderella team. And along the way, we’re learning about mushrooms, wild bears, and parachutes (or are they backpacks?). The point of one mortgage company’s March Madness commercial is that being “pretty sure” about something is not the same thing as being certain. Being “pretty sure” that a red and white mushroom is not poisonous, or being “pretty sure” that you shouldn’t run from an angry bear, or being “pretty sure” that a child’s backpack is really a parachute (as you jump out of an airplane wearing it).

It’s kind of like faith-based investing. If you believe that your faith should permeate your life (including your investing), you’re pretty sure certain you don’t want to promote pornography with your money. You’re pretty sure certain you don’t want to support abortion or gambling or a handful of other objectionable industries. But most investors have no idea which practices they’re investing in through their portfolios. But you can be more than pretty sure what you’re investing in, and it doesn’t have to cost a dime.

Beacon Wealth Consultants offers a free portfolio screening to anyone who asks. Using our proprietary portfolio screening process, we’ll examine your portfolio and send you a full report. We’re pretty sure certain that there will be some surprises in there for you. No obligation. No cost.

And if you want to learn more about investing in harmony with biblical truth, we’ll be happy to be your guide. We want you to be at peace with your investments, and to do what is most consistent with your faith. We are first and foremost advocates for Biblically Responsible Investing. We care about God’s glory above our revenue.

Ready to be certain about your portfolio? Contact us to learn more about your complimentary portfolio screening.

And learn more about biblically responsible investing here. It could be the best outcome of March Madness this year, even if your team has already left the dance. We’re certain.

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