Investing to Bless the World

Have you ever considered that your investments can be a vehicle through which you can bless the world? That is the heart of Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI). At Beacon Wealth Consultants, we believe that all human beings are both called and equipped to cultivate the world’s potential, end injustice, and promote human flourishing. Biblically Responsible Investing is one practical and important way you and I can participate in that.
Before time began, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit existed in an intimate relationship of all-satisfying love. And the outflow of this love led to the creation of the world. Through the Spirit we are enabled to share in that love, to become children of the Father (John 1:12) and the bride of the Son (Revelation 21:2). Michael Reeves in his book Delighting in the Trinity illustrates this vividly, “He [the Spirit] unites us to the Son so that the Father’s love for the Son also encompasses us; he draws us to share the Father’s own enjoyment of the Son; and he causes us to share the Son’s delight in the Father.” What could be more delicious than to keep in step with a Spirit whose purpose is that?”
Our ability to keep in step with the Spirit is enabled by our being made in the image of God. As such, one of humanity’s chief responsibilities is to reflect God to the world. His creative goodness in sharing his life and love with us, along with our responsibility as image-bearers to reflect that character to the world provides the basis for how we are to live. When we invest our dollars in companies that reflect God’s character by modeling servant leadership, living out the golden rule, and promoting human flourishing (those we call Shining Light Companies), we participate in carrying forth God’s good creation to its intended goal. Investing can and must be leveraged as an engine to bring blessing to the world!
If the entire creation is to be remade, some wonder why we bother working to improve the present world. The answer to this is quite simple and threefold: our faith is actionable, our future is embodied, and our work is not for naught. Influenced by the example of Jesus, empowered by the witness of the Holy Spirit, and enabled by the Father’s love, we can actively participate here and now in anticipating the new, finished creation spoken of in Revelation 22. When we invest in upstanding, difference-making, and profitable companies helping to end poverty, injustice, and greed, we quite literally simulate the New Heavens and New Earth. Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) is one way we can participate with God in remaking the world. Rest assured, we have much work to do!

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