Interview with Hillary Sunderland

Question:  What is your role on the Beacon Wealth team?

Hillary:  I serve as Chief Investment Officer for the firm.  My main role is to manage Beacon Wealth’s LightPoint Portfolios and Kingdom(k) Platform – including setting the overall asset allocation, conducting research on a variety of investments, researching the economy and the markets, and leading the firm’s investment committee. I also write portfolio commentaries and economic/market updates and work closely with the executive team to develop and implement strategic initiatives.

Question:  What are your thoughts on Beacon Wealth’s mission of Igniting a Movement of Biblically Responsible Investing?

Hillary:  I think it’s an exciting mission for a firm to have, and I’m glad to be a part of it. Responsible investing is an important aspect of honoring Christ with the wealth He has entrusted to us, but unfortunately, it is also something that many Christians have not thought of or heard about. Igniting a BRI movement is exciting to me because it is a tangible way to put our faith into action and to shine a light of faithful stewardship. Over the last two decades, we’ve witnessed the positive impact that the Environmental and Social Governance movement has had in many areas as investors joined forces to enact change in the marketplace. If Christians join forces to do the same, we could see real change in areas such as moral responsibility.

Question:  What are your thoughts on the culture of teamwork, communication and values that Beacon Wealth has created for their employees?

Hillary:  One of the things I like most about Beacon Wealth Consultants is that the culture has been formed in such a way as to allow employees to live out biblical principles. For example, each member of the team is given responsibilities that align with their own unique abilities and gifts. They are encouraged to have a strong worth ethic and to not be idle. When issues arise, the employees work together in love and with mutual respect to prioritize and solve them. Everyone on the team is united and shares a common goal – to do whatever is necessary to ignite a movement of biblically responsible investing.

Question:  In your opinion, what does Beacon Wealth Consultants offer clients that they can’t find anywhere else?

Hillary:  Access to wealth planning, investment strategies, and financial professionals that are first and foremost focused on Christ and His calling for His people. To Beacon Wealth Consultants, BRI is not just another product offering – it is the core of what we do day in and day out for our clients.


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