4 Non-Financial Retirement Questions to Ask Yourself

4 Non-Financial Retirement Questions to Ask Yourself

A fruitful and enjoyable retirement is a common goal for many people. Many people know they need to prepare financially for retirement but many people do not consider important non-financial aspects of retirement.

Surprisingly, it turns out that retirement is actually very stressful for many people and a lot of the stress has nothing to do with finances. Here are four non-financial questions to ask yourself as you prepare for retirement.

  1. How will I spend my time? Your dream of retirement bliss might involve lots of time with grandkids, or travelling, or relaxing and playing golf. Many people quickly realize that there is a lot of time left over in the week. Thinking through how you will spend your time is important for your mental and physical health.


  1. How will I find purpose in retirement? For many professionals, their identity and purpose are intertwined with their career. Retirement can bring an identity crisis for many people. It’s important to understand where you will find your purpose during retirement and how you will continue to have an impact.


  1. Is my spouse ready for my retirement? We think of retirement as one person ending their career, but it is really an event that affects other family members as well. Have you and your spouse talked about how you will spend time together and how you will enjoy separate activities? Your retirement can impact your spouse’s routines and activities so having effective communication about plans and expectations is critical.


  1. What will be my legacy? Hopefully, you will have many years of enjoyable retirement, ample time to use your time, talents, wisdom, and resources to pour into future generations. Take some time to think and pray about what kind of legacy and impact you’d like to have on others so that you make the most of the time you have.


If you’re already making financial plans for retirement then you are ahead of the game, but don’t forget to plan for important non-financial areas of your life!

Our team of Christian financial advisors have expertise in retirement financial planning, but we can also help you think through these and other non-financial considerations as well. Our True Wealth Solution helps you clarify your goals in several key areas and then establish a plan to help you achieve them.

If you don’t have a trusted advisor walking alongside you as you prepare for retirement, give us a call!