Shining Light Spotlight – Insperity, Inc.




Insperity, Inc. (Ticker: NSP) is a mid-cap growth company providing outsourced human resources and business development solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Through their Workforce Optimization and Workforce Synchronization solutions, Insperity provides a variety of human resources functions such as payroll and employment administration, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, operation management and training, and development services. When Insperity first began, Founder & CEO Paul Sarvardi considered the many obstacles to building successful small businesses. Sarvardi saw an opportunity to help small business business owners better focus on their core businesses by outsourcing HR functions. Established in 1986, the company is headquartered in Kingwood, Texas and began with just two employees. Insperity now boasts more than 2,500 employees with over 60 offices across the United States.  


Insperity’s mission statement is “to help businesses succeed so communities can prosper”. Sarvardi, describes the company as being “Mission driven and Values-based”. Sarvardi says he’s always seen entrepreneurs as true American heroes because of the risks they take and challenges they overcome. Sarvardi recognized it’s the people that make the difference in business. As one employee put it, “It’s one thing to have a business plan on paper but you have to breathe life into it.” Insperity’s employees identify the importance of having a servant’s heart and always going the extra mile; whether it’s for a client or out in the community.  


How does Insperity, Inc. consistently and continuously live up to their mission statement?  The company is involved in an array of community projects consisting of home improvement tasks, volunteering at food banks, sending care packages to our military and its veterans, and time given to community clean up and repair projects.  Insperity’s employees also donate time and financial resources toward education by providing students with information on how to best prepare for entering the corporate work world.  Insperity helps ensure their philanthropic duties are ongoing by giving employees up to 12 hours each quarter of paid volunteer time. The employee can choose to give their time to Insperity-sponsored charities or they can elect a charity of their choice.  In 2017, 76 percent of Insperity employees were involved in volunteering and because of the compassion shown by employees, the company grossed over $6.2 million in philanthropic efforts.


In 2001, Insperity instituted The Volunteer Council to carry out the company’s vision of ongoing community involvement through current and future employees. One or more employees from each location has been tasked with organizing local volunteer events. Employee online reviews further affirm Insperity’s mission, describing the company as “Practicing what they Preach”, “A Company Who Walks the Talk”, and “The Best Company to Work For.”  Insperity understands what it means to give back to both their employees and their community. As a result,  employees have been shaped to carry out exemplary actions that is part of the company culture of  affecting positive change in the communities they serve.   


Insperity embodies the definition of a Shining Light Company.  From the beginning, Paul Sarvardi longed to see businesses be successful. Sarvardi built a workplace in which values, ethics and selflessness are top priorities. Because of his exemplary leadership, Sarvardi and Insperity employees continue to stay dedicated to carrying out these principles. There is a mutual understanding of the importance of incorporating these values in the workplace and  community.  Just as we are called by Christ to place the interest of others before our own, Insperity is an excellent representation of the task that has been handed down to each of us. Thank you, Insperity for being a Shining Light Company!

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