Shining Light Company – Tropicana

Innovating the Juice Industry

This week’s Shining Light Company is a household name that has revolutionized the fruit juice industry. Tropicana was founded in 1947 by entrepreneur Anthony Rossi. Tropicana quickly became the largest orange juice producer in the entire world. Now headquartered in Chicago and owned by Pepsi Co. since 1998, Tropicana today employs over 8,000 workers worldwide. Tropicana’s founder is widely known for his contributions to the company, as they led the way in inventing “flash pasteurization.” This innovation allows juice to be stored for longer periods of time at a higher temperature while simultaneously maintaining freshness.

After some success at purchasing taxi cabs, a grocery store, and a cafeteria, Italian immigrant Anthony Rossi relocated to Bradenton, Florida, where he began a fruit packing business which would ultimately transform the grocery and juice industry through use of his invention. It began when Rossi shipped glass jars of fresh juices and fruits to local hotels and restaurants. He went to develop a huge market for his juices in New York City where one customer alone, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, ordered 1,000 gallons of juice from him every week. Rossi’s contributions to Tropicana and the juice industry cannot be overstated; however, it was his conversion to faith in Jesus Christ that would prove to be the most successful aspect of his life.

Faith at Work

After moving to Florida to begin Tropicana, Rossi took his faith with him, and it transformed not only his personal life, but his business ventures as well. Rossi became well known for his daily time with God, praying not only for himself and family, but also taking business problems and opportunities before the Lord. This provided the solid foundation on which his successful company was built. It is remarkable that Rossi had no formal education. As a result, Rossi depended on the Lord to provide and guide to an even greater extent.

People Over Profits

A distinguishing hallmark of a Shining Light Company is a commitment to valuing people over profits. Rossi exemplified this characteristic well in his place of work. He was well known for his humility even though he is considered something of a hero in the Florida business community. Rossi’s experience with Christ led him to support various missions, organizations, and church plants. However, his signature legacy would prove to be his establishment of the Aurora Foundation. This organization was created and funded to provide financial assistance to Christian educational institutions, missions, and other charities. Specifically, the foundation provided $10 million to a Florida community for retired missionaries. Rossi’s faith in Christ truly displayed itself through his actions and deeds. In a 1983 issue of Town and Country magazine, Rossi was named one of the top ten most generous living Americans.

Anthony Rossi clearly exhibited what it means to be a Shining Light in leveraging the success and influence of Tropicana as a platform for ministry. May we all come to a place where we can agree with Rossi that pleasing God is the ultimate objective of our lives!


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