Our Mission And Vision


Igniting a Movement of Biblically Responsible Investing

We believe that every Christ follower should at the very least be presented the opportunity to invest his/her resources in a manner that is in alignment with and honors their faith beliefs. This is part and parcel of our fiduciary duty as financial advisors.

We believe that Biblically Responsible Investing (Investing that seeks to please and glorify God as an act of worship) should be the normal mainstream way that Christians invest their God-given resources rather than being merely on the fringe.

We believe that when Christians en mass divest themselves of the trillions of dollars invested in companies whose business practices clearly violate God’s Word, it will cut off the economic oxygen to those violating companies thereby causing them to change. We have clearly seen this happen with SRI and the massive move towards a green culture in corporate America. Imagine, if you will, creating a godly culture movement in corporate America by redeploying those same investment dollars into companies that are creating blessing in the world and the powerful impact that could have upon our families and communities. We can take back the gates of commerce!

We believe that in order for this to happen, many Christian financial advisors who share in these convictions must unite to create a single, distinctly branded, highly visible wealth management company, one of significant national scale and financial strength – whose cornerstone offering is BRI. Our mission is to plant and grow a successful BWC office of Christian financial advisors in every major metro area across the country for the purpose of Igniting a Movement of Biblically Responsible Investing. When Christians learn about BRI they will know exactly where to go for expert guidance and implementation.


Our Mission is to inspire, equip & guide our clients in becoming Faithful Stewards of the resources of time, talent & treasure entrusted to their care. Additionally, we seek to advance the work of worthy Christian churches and para-church ministries by encouraging charitable giving.

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