March 2022 Market Commentary: How does raising interest rates fight inflation?

In this month’s market commentary, Beacon Wealth Consultants Chief Investment Officer Hillary Sunderland, CFA®, CKA® discusses an issue many are concerned with: rising inflation.

You have undoubtedly noticed higher prices at the gas pump, grocery store, and elsewhere. You may have also heard that the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates and wondered, How does raising interest rates fight inflation?

This month we hope to answer that question.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Current inflation rate is the highest in decades
  • How does the Fed raising interest rates help control inflation?
  • The Fed’s delicate dance between promoting maximum employment and keeping the prices stable
  • Volatility in fixed income, equity, and commodity markets
  • Beacon Wealth Consultants portfolios anticipated rising inflation and are well-positioned

Please watch the video to find out more.

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