Interview with Mike Sunderland

Question:  What is your role on the Beacon Wealth team?

Mike:  I am a wealth advisor with Beacon Wealth Consultants. My wife, Hillary, and I are partners in life and business based in State College, PA. We provide Christ-centered financial planning, biblically responsible asset management, and personalized guidance to clients throughout their journey toward their God-given life goals.

Question:  What are your thoughts on Beacon Wealth’s mission of Igniting a Movement of Biblically Responsible Investing?

Mike:  There is a growing trend in the marketplace among corporations to use their influence and resources to promote certain social values, cultural agendas, and to impact our social climate. While many Christian investors have traditionally invested in corporations based solely on the merit of their products, this affinity of companies to affect social change makes it very important now for investors who desire to honor God in all things to consider the social behaviors influenced by an investment as well as the value of the investment itself. Large percentages of the funding that non-profit organizations receive to do good or evil in our culture are provided by corporate sponsorships and philanthropy. As investors in these corporations, we are owners of them and profit from their enterprises. Some of the largest assets that many people have are found in their investment portfolios, so we almost have to include our invested savings if we want to be faithful stewards of Christ with money.

For these reasons, I believe Beacon Wealth’s mission of igniting a large-scale BRI movement is critical in the effort to advance the gospel and to protect people from evils around the world, especially children, women, and families. There are many facets to the work of the Kingdom, and BRI is one whose part is to promote righteousness and defund sin in the marketplace so that the work of the gospel and of Christ-centered ministries who share it can have a greater impact. 

Question:  What are your thoughts on the culture of teamwork, communication and values that Beacon Wealth has created for their employees?

Mike:  Many companies talk about teamwork and values in the workplace, but finding it sincerely practiced is a different story. From Rick and Cassie to the Beacon Wealth team of staff and advisors, this culture is sincere. Working for and with genuine followers of Christ is what brought Hillary and I to Beacon in the first place, and we have been only more pleased since becoming part of the family.

Whether in a family, the church, or in a business, God gives unique gifts and talents that are different and complementary to others and make the whole body greater than the sum of its members. This is definitely true at Beacon, and there is freedom here from the desire to feel like we need to compete with one another. Rather, the focus is consistently to strengthen and build one another up so that together, we can best serve our clients and glorify God. 

Question:  In your opinion, what does Beacon Wealth Consultants offer clients that they can’t find anywhere else?

Mike:  Beacon Wealth offers BRI, which is too rare among wealth management firms already, but I appreciate deeply the foundation on which Beacon builds our planning, financial management, and BRI strategies. Other firms might offer faith-based portfolios as a lucrative revenue stream. We are built upon Christ and the desire to glorify Him, and our BRI is an outflow of that desire.

Beacon’s foundation of putting Christ first also leads us to the consistent pursuit of our clients’ interests ahead of our own. Money is an instrument of God’s purposes to build treasures in heaven. It is not our primary goal to maximize our revenues. Rather, it is our goal to serve God and our clients, and because this is foundational to Beacon’s purpose and mission, our clients can trust that we desire their best. The structure of the company, fees, and biblically-based practices are built upon it. We want to be guides to our clients who genuinely love them, have a strong relationship with them, pray for them, and who help to set a course that will take them where God wants them to go.


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