Interview with Jerry McMillan

Question:  What excites you about the Biblically Responsible Investing movement? 

Jerry:  Today’s investment world is complex!  It can be difficult to determine where your money is actually being invested.  Today, you see many companies that are involved in practices that are in direct conflict with your beliefs.  Biblically Responsible Investing allows us to assure that your investments are in alignment with your faith values, without sacrificing on investment return!  By proactively investing in companies that promote moral values & screening out those that do not, we can have a positive impact on the world.   

Question:  What type of environment do you hope to create when working with clients?  

Jerry:  I strive to take a holistic approach as I work with clients.  I want to know what is important to each client-their goals, objectives, concerns, dreams and wishes.  Many times, this involves much more than simply making sure the numbers work.   I want to be that trusted advisor that comes to mind when making those important decisions.  I understand that this level of trust does not happen overnight, but occurs as we experience life together.  Many of my clients have become personal friends.  They know that I am there to celebrate the successes and work through the struggles.  My hope is to give clients the peace of mind to know they are on the right path or to help with the necessary adjustments to get them there. 

Question:  In your opinion, what does Beacon Wealth offer clients that they can’t find anywhere else?  

Jerry:  First and foremost, our True Wealth Financial Planning process gives us the foundation for the financial decisions to be made.  Many firms start recommending products without truly knowing their client’s objective.  Our financial planning process is an ongoing activity that is used to guide our progress.  Second, our ability to provide an investment portfolio that aligns with your values is tremendous!  You do not have to sacrifice returns to have a portfolio you can feel good about!  Finally, we have the other resources available to make sure you have all of the financial pieces in place.  Whether it is an introduction to an estate planning attorney for legal documents, a conversation with a CPA for tax advice, or help with insurance products to fill a need; we have the resources.  The caring, knowledgeable team at Beacon Wealth will provide an experience that is uncommon in the financial world today.