Interview with Denny Gillard

Question:  How long have you worked at Beacon Wealth? 

Denny:  The Great Recession presenting many opportunities for change and realignment.  I had been working in the broker-dealer environment for ten years but it didn’t fit well with my CPA nature, training and processes plus, I had always practiced Biblically Responsible Investing but had been drifting away. I had known Rick and his practices the whole time.  Then, in March, 2011 I was presented with the opportunity to join his team. This would allow me to both move into the RIA world and to reprioritize Biblically Responsible Investing.  It didn’t take me long to say “YES”.  I have enjoyed being a part of this team every moment since.  It’s hard to believe that was six years ago.

Question:  What excites you about the Biblically Responsible Investing movement? 

Denny:  A lot excites me about the Biblically Responsible Movement, but the three main things are.  First, seeing how far the movement has come in sixteen years.  When I first joined I’m not sure you could call it a movement.  It was just a struggling little seedling which has now grown into a mighty tree bearing the fruit of positive influence over our entire nation. Second, I really like seeing people’s eyes light up when I tell them they can align their investments with their values without sacrificing return.  Third, knowing my work helps resources flow from companies whose products and practices have a negative impact on humanity toward companies that have a positive impact on humanity.

Question:  What type of environment do you hope to create when working with clients?

Denny:  We are called to be a light to the world and a lamp in our own home.  That light is to be a reflection of His glory where He gives us the greatest level of influence.  So, the environment I hope to create when working with clients is one that not only gives them a strong sense of direction and peace of mind about their financial environment but also builds that deep positive relationship that reflects god’s love and encourages discussions about all aspects of life, not just financial.

Question:  In your opinion, what does Beacon Wealth offer clients that they can’t find anywhere else?

Denny:  Beacon Wealth offers clients a team of like-minded professionals supported by top notch leading edge technology dedicated to helping clients create a True Wealth Financial Plan then implement the plan through Biblically Responsible Investments customized to meet their individual needs.  All of that while embracing the client like family.  I just don’t see that is available elsewhere.