035 – Interview with Zachary Covert of the Timothy Plan

This month join host Cassie Laymon as she interviews Zachary Covert. Zachary serves as the Director of Advisor Relations for Timothy Plan in the Northeastern and Midwestern US. Joining Timothy Plan in early 2017, Zachary entered back into finance after 11 years in other pursuits. Zachary has been a corporate sales trainer, motivational speaker and writer. In 2015, an internet lead generation and business process outsourcing company that Zachary founded was bought out by their largest client. After rediscovering his faith, amid difficult circumstances, Zachary sought a fresh start and reached out to family friends, Art and Steve Ally. He is grateful for the opportunity extended by the Timothy Plan family and considers every day a blessed second chance to be serving God in the workplace.

Listen in to hear why Zachary is so passionate about BRI, and how he views investing as a way to love our brothers and sister who struggle with addictions.