015 – The Question of Ownership

What does it mean to be an “owner” in terms of your investments? Are you investing in business practices you oppose? Today we’re talking about one of the most basic tenets of Biblical investing: Ownership. We’ll talk about what it really means to be an investor and the responsibilities we have in that role, and specifically, how we can invest in a way that will glorify God.

Note from Cassie: On this podcast I got a bit overzealous in discussing the smoking issue. I made a broad generalization about smoking rates in developing countries.  Here is the specific data, as referenced in “The Smoking Gun of Mutual Funds” by Tim Weinhold:

“Indonesia has been referred to as ‘the Wild West’ of tobacco advertising and regulation, but the situation is not markedly better in many other Asian countries . . . and in some cases it’s even worse. In fact, as astounding as it may seem, the childhood smoking crisis in Indonesia is outpaced by some other Asian nations. In Papua New Guinea, for instance, the most recent World Health Organization (WHO) data reveal that an astonishing 55 percent of boys age 13-15 smoke, as do 40 percent of the girls in that age bracket.”

I am very passionate about this issue, and want to make sure I’m giving you the correct data!