SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT: Shining Light Company – Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: GILD) is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes innovative medicines in areas of unmet medical need. Gilead was founded in 1987 in Foster City, California by Michael L. Riordan, a medical doctor who was 29 years old at the time. Since then, they have grown to become one of the world’s largest bioptech companies, with 8,000 employees across six continents.   Gilead’s portfolio of products and investigational drugs includes treatments for HIV/AIDS, liver diseases, cancer, inflammatory and respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular conditions.

With core values of Integrity, Inclusion, Teamwork, Accountability, and Excellence guiding their way, Gilead focuses on their mission to discover, develop and bring to market therapeutics that advance patient care, to challenge their employees to make a difference and to build a thriving enterprise.  A part of these guiding principles includes concentrating on the geographic and therapeutic areas where these medicines can make the greatest impact.  By partnering with other companies and organizations, they have the ability to deliver their medicines to people living in resource-limited countries.

Gilead’s core values are promoted among their employees, while providing opportunities for career growth and celebrating their employee’s success and commitment to making a difference in the lives of the patients they serve.  All employees are required to comply by a strict code of ethics including Gilead’s business conduct policies. The company believes working together to move its business forward in the spirit of these policies will continue to enhance the reputation of Gilead Sciences. Their worldwide staff is a close community where tangible results of their contributions can be seen and where every individual matters.

“A genuine sense of corporate citizenship has long been at the heart of everything we do,” said John Milligan, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gilead Sciences.  In 2015, Gilead donated nearly $500 million to almost 2,000 organizations worldwide that are helping to address unmet medical needs and lessen the impact of disease such as HIV and viral hepatitis. Last year, Gilead was named the number one funder in terms of charitable donations among Fortune 150 companies by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.  Gilead believes that for sustainability efforts to succeed, they need to work closely with their local communities to understand their goals and needs.

The Gilead Foundation, is a non-profit organization established in 2005 which seeks to improve the health and well-being of underserved communities around the world.  Gilead’s giving focuses on expanding access to HIV and hepatitis education, outreach, prevention and health services.

Gilead believes medicines should be accessible to all people who need them, regardless of where they live or what resources they have. Political, social and geographical barriers prevent patients around the world from accessing the best possible care, so they work with partners and grantees to help overcome those barriers. Gilead’s U.S. patient assistance programs help to make Gilead therapies accessible for uninsured individuals and those who need financial assistance. The company also supports programs for those unable to afford the co-payments associated with health insurance programs.


Established in 2010, Gilead’s FOCUS program (Frontlines of Communities in the United States) partners with healthcare providers, government agencies, and community organizations to change the way healthcare institutions approach HIV and HCV testing, and to develop model programs that embody best practices in screening and linkage to care.

Gilead selects suppliers who share their ethical standard and routinely evaluate and address the risk of ethical violations for all countries involved in their supply chain.  The manufacturers of intermediate products and direct suppliers state in their agreements with Gilead that they will manufacture products in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice and in compliance with applicable local laws, which includes prohibitions on human slavery and trafficking.

Doing what’s right, working together, taking personal responsibility and being your best is a winning formula for any company large or small.  These are Gilead’s guiding principles and with each new drug discovery, Gilead seeks to improve the care of millions of patients living with life-threatening diseases around the world.  For this, we are pleased to recognize Gilead Sciences as a Shining Light Company!



DISCLOSURE: Shining Light Companies are exemplary companies who live out the Golden Rule in their business practices, demonstrate strong servant leadership and create compelling value through the products and services they offer. This is intended for general information purposes concerning only the values, corporate culture and business practices of the companies being spotlighted. It DOES NOT incorporate any analysis of the companies’ investment merit based on intrinsic value, fundamental analysis, etc. This must not be construed as investment advice or a buy/sell recommendation. These companies may or may not be included in our LightPoint Portfolios at any given time.