The Principles Behind Faith Based Investing

Eventide Funds Portfolio Manager Finny Kuruvilla was recently featured on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers” segment. You can watch the interview here:

In the interview, Finny responds to questions about how he aligns investing in biotechnology with his Christian faith, why he believes Biblically responsible investing can lead to alpha by not only avoiding “bad actors” but also identifying companies that create value, and why Eventide has not invested in some companies despite the prospects for stock out-performance because of the Christian values of Eventide’s team.

One question asked by Erik Schatzker of Bloomberg’s Market Makers show made the assumptive conclusion that socially responsible indices have not shown out-performance to the market. Finny responded by talking about the positive investing aspects of BRI. He could have also highlighted for Erik that his base assumption is flawed.

Click on this recent Research Report on BRI Performance from the Christian Investment Forum that provides data that highlights this, including research from notable organizations such as Deutsche Bank, Mercer, Morgan Stanley and the Journal of Investing.