Archive: March 2019

036 – True Wealth Spotlight Podcast with Lawrence Funderburke

Join us this month as I interview Lawrence Funderburke, a college basketball star for the Ohio State Buckeyes and a former player for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. What you may not…
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Shining Light Company — NVIDIA

WHAT NVIDIA IS KNOWN FOR This month we spotlight an exemplary Shining Light Company NVIDIA (Ticker Symbol: NVDA), a technology company that has pioneered the art and science of visual…
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February 2019 Market Commentary

Join Hillary Sunderland as she discusses what has happened in the markets in February and early March of 2019. [arve url="" /]
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The Biggest Mistakes Investors Make-Part 1

The Biggest Mistakes Investors Make — Part I It happens every market correction. Well-intending investors who say they can tolerate 10-plus percent declines in market value do just the opposite…
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