Archive: September 2018

035 – Interview with Zachary Covert of the Timothy Plan

This month join host Cassie Laymon as she interviews Zachary Covert. Zachary serves as the Director of Advisor Relations for Timothy Plan in the Northeastern and Midwestern US. Joining Timothy Plan…
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Shining Light Spotlight – AFLAC

Queue the duck! Aflac Incorporated (Symbol: AFL), known as the American Family Life Assurance Company until the late 1980s, got its start in 1955 with the vision of three brothers…
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The True Purpose of Investing

In this 2 minute video, Dr. Finny Kuruvilla, Chief Investment Officer at Eventide, succinctly explains the true purpose of investing! [embed][/embed] FINNY KURUVILLA JULY 27, 2018 | 2 MIN VIDEO…
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Monthly Market Insights: Does Diversification Still Make Sense?

The U.S. economy grew at a 4.2% annualized rate in the second quarter – marking the most rapid growth in the last four years as massive tax cuts for companies…
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