Archive: October 2017

Waypoint 4: Full Sail

By Rick Laymon, CFP®If you have made it to Waypoint 4, a BIG CONGRATS to you! Many folks never make it this far or beyond on The Stewardship Journey. This…
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Waypoint Three: The Voyage

by: Cassandra Laymon, CFP®, MBABy now, you are well on your way through the Stewardship Journey! While I’m covering one waypoint per week, some of these stops require months, years…
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What’s the difference between ordinary tax rates and capital gains tax rates?

By Dennis Gillard, CPAThe 10-40% of taxes you pay to the government on your earned income is called your “ordinary” tax rate.The opposite of ordinary is special, right?  That's what…
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024 – The Stewardship Journey Part 1

At Beacon Wealth Consultants, we offer to take our clients on "The Stewardship Journey." This process consists of taking you and your finances from the early stages of budgeting, giving…
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